Field Service Engineering

As Honeywell Aerospace representative, for the past 20 years, Taldor has employed a team of experienced mechanical and propulsion engineers as Honeywell FSEs.

Taldor’s team and management has supported the Israeli Aerospace Industries Business Jet division though the development and production of a number of business jet platforms:

  • Support of the integration of Honeywell engines, ECS, CPCS and other systems throughout the development and certification of the G150 & G280
  • Support of the G150, G200 & G280 production line
  • Support of other Honeywell Aerospace customers in Israel

Under Taldor’s management, our team has been providing local customer satisfaction year after year. Among our achievements:

  • Low track record of delays during aircraft development and production due to Honeywell products
  • Major project cost reduction by reducing the need for engineering resource allocation for tasks performed facing IAI
  • Improvement of customer-supplier communication by bridging the time and cultural differences